What is Silver Highway?

langstonhughes2I have always loved the significance of rivers in art, music, and poetry.

Woody Guthrie’s “Roll on Columbia”, speaks to the river, “Your power is turning our darkness to dawn. Roll on Columbia, roll on,” as he reveals the importance of providing electricity to rural America by harnessing the mighty Columbia. The poet Langston Hughes writes about his soul growing deep like the rivers like he speaks of an old friend. He writes about bathing in the Euphrates and the “singing of the Mississippi,” when Abraham Lincoln went down to New Orleans on a riverboat as a young man and experienced the horrors of slavery first hand. This encounter with a devastating reality led to a conviction and series of events which shifted the course of American History.

Lionel Richie’s sings about a woman worth leaving his “fast” life for in Deep River Woman, and Billy Joel sings about a journey and yearning for something found only in a “River of Dreams.”

There are frequent mentions of rivers and bodies of water in scripture that reference a path of refreshment in a desert. Ezekiel speaks of a river bringing healing, sustenance, and life wherever it goes.

In history, biblical texts, music and art, there exists a consistent theme of rivers bringing sources of life, whether it is commerce, romance, healing, redemption, and at times a pathway to painful realities that brought about courageous acts in history. Entire civilizations have been built around the life and hope that rivers bring.

The journey of Silver Highway represents that. If one were flying over the land, they would see silver pathways that carve up the landscape, and whenever I see these, I think of a journey that brings life and hope. We know businesses and organizations are birthed out of people’s passion and hard work, and we like to do anything we can to represent these companies with empowering communication tools. We use photography, beautiful websites, and graphic design to bring the dreams of businesses and non profits to life, and to tell their story in a way that reflects their identity in creative and powerful ways.

Hope you’ll get in touch and let us tell your story.